uno irónico, uno cómico, uno violento (Más Poetry!)


The Playground / Michael Rosen

In the playground
At the back of our house
There have been some changes.

They said the climbing frame was
So they drained it dry.

They said the paddling pool was
So they drained it dry.

They said the see-saw was
So they took it away.

They said the sandpit was
So they fenced it in.

They said the playground was
So they locked it up.

Sawn down
Drained dry
Taken away
Locked up

How do you feel?

Declaration of Intent / Steve Turner

She said she’d
love me for eternity
but managed to reduce
it to eight months
for good behaviour.
She said we fitted
like a hand in a glove
but then the hot
weather came and such
accessories weren’t needed.
She said the future
was ours but the deeds
were made out in
her name.
She said I was
the only one who
understood completely

and then she left me
and said she knew
that I’d understand completely

The Lesson / Roger McGough

Chaos ruled OK in the classroom
as bravely the teacher walked in
the nooligans ignored him
his voice was lost in the din

‘The theme for today is violence
and homework will be set
I’m going to teach you a lesson
one that you’ll never forget’

He picked on a boy who was shouting
and throttled him then and there
then garotted the girl behind him
(the one with grotty hair)

Then sword in hand he hacked his way
between the chattering rows
‘First come, first severed’ he declared
‘fingers, feet, or toes’

He threw the sword to a latecomer
it struck with deadly aim
then pulling out a shotgun
he continued with his game

The first blast cleared the backrow
(where those who skive hang out)
they collapsed like rubber dinghies
when the plug’s pulled out

‘Please may I leave the room sir?’
a trembling vandal enquired
‘Of course you may’ said the teacher
put the gun to his temple and fired

The Head popped a head round the doorway
to see why a din was being made
nodded understandingly
then tossed in a grenade

And when the ammo was well spent
with blood on every chair
Silence shuffled forward
with its hands up in the air

The teacher surveyed the carnage
the dying and the dead
He waggled a finger severly
‘Now let that be a lesson’ he said

Axed Between the Ears : a Poetry Anthology / David Kitchen, ed. – Oxford : Heinemann Educational, 1987



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