Artículos de Uy en el mundial


Uruguay steals Kimberley’s heart. “The gritty warrior spirit that has served Uruguay well in the past was exemplified by yet another Diego, this one Perez, known as “The Russian”, who gashed his brow against South Korea but played on with a bandaged head and a bloodied shirt.”

Kimberley sparkles for Uruguayan guests

World Cup 2010: what we learned about ourselves and the world. “Underestimate Uruguay if you dare. They were the team of the tournament. (…) They are fierce, and they bring it 1000%, with skill and grit.” Ahora, la Virgen María??

World Cup 2010: top 10 Premier League transfers. “[Arévalo] Rios was a beast in South Africa”

Resons to root for Uruguay. “Suarez has been fiercely criticized. And unfairly, too. It was Ghana’s game to win, and it failed”

Uruguay, remueve la historia

Epopeya: en un partido de locos, Uruguay logró la hazaña. “El emocionante partido de ayer lo ratificó. Mucho de lo que ocurrió excede la crónica deportiva. Es material de cuento, de piezas literarias. Explicarlo de manera cartesiana es despojarlo de lo más sabroso, de lo insólito, de lo increíble.”

World Cup 2010: Uruguay learn how to make friends on way to semi-finals. “The players can be seen wandering around Kimberley in their tracksuits, dropping into coffee shops while Diego Forlán even went to the hair salon to have his locks trimmed.”

DToDT: Jorge Fucile almost breaks his own neck. “And if Uruguayan players are capable of falling out of the sky and landing on their necks without doing any damage, then what chance did Ghana really have? You know, aside from that penalty kick. And then the shootout.”

La madurez de los técnicos: clave para llegar lejos en el Mundial.

Mundial Sudáfrica 2010: Uruguay cae con orgullo. “Uruguay no sabe otro guión en su fútbol. Tiene que ser épico. De leyenda.”



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